Book Review: Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

Words in Deep Blue
by Cath Crowley
Published August 30th 2016
Published by Pan Australia
Purchase: Pan MacMillan Australia


This is a love story.

It's the story of Howling Books, where readers write letters to strangers, to lovers, to poets.

It's the story of Henry Jones and Rachel Sweetie. They were best friends once, before Rachel moved to the sea.

Now, she's back, working at the bookstore, grieving for her brother Cal and looking for the future in the books people love, and the words they leave behind.


Cath Crowley doesn't disappoint with her beautiful writing. And oh, the story of best friends turned lovers in a bookstore romance is probably every bookworm's dream. Love, love, love this book a lot and I love Cath Crowley a lot. Her Graffiti Moon will forever be one of my most favorite books in the universe but while I can't say the same for Words in Deep Blue, it's still the kind of book that I'll be recommending to friends in the years to come. It's sweet and tragic and beautiful all at the same time.

It has been months since I've read a YA book because I've been focused on reading classics and books about religion, science and morality, and the reason for that was because I lost interest in YA. I couldn't finish the YA books I was reading at the time. It felt like everything I read, I've already a thousand times and characters were just unbearable. I honestly feared that I have already outgrown YA but turns out, I was just reading the wrong books.

Thank you Cath Crowley for returning my faith to YA. Henry and Rachel are lovable characters. Henry is an idiot but extremely adorable and Rachel is a difficult character but nevertheless understandable. And I love them both to pieces. And oh goodlords, George and Martin! They are both funny and their interactions were to die for! And mygods, Cal too! It was so difficult to read Cal's letters - literally - because my tears would just flow spontaneously everytime and it was hard to read through tears!

The only downside of this book is Amy. Cath didn't even try to make her likable. She was already repulsive the moment she was introduced. If anything, I felt sorry for Amy that she was made into a plot device who has no character development whatsoever but in the big scheme of things, so to speak, her role in the book works really well for someone like me who abhors love triangles because this would've been more heartbreaking to read than it already is.

I've adored Cath Crowley for a long time and I'm so happy that she finally has a new release and that I got a hold of this book. it's really difficult for me to get physical books published only in Australia and I'm hoping that Knopf moves the US release sooner so that more people can read the beauty that is Words in Deep Blue in the soonest time possible!

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars!


  1. Okay, the premise of this one does sound pretty sweet! I haven't read Graffiti Moon yet, either, but I've been meaning to.

  2. I loved Graffiti Moon too so hopefully I'll enjoy this too. I sometimes feel like I've read the same story over and over too, Chel, which is why I like to read books from different genres back to back.


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