The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones #TMIMovieReactions

I might not have been around the blogosphere for almost a year now but I can still say with much jurisdiction that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie has every book blogger on edge with its release. I, myself, am not a huge fan of the books but as someone who has read the series beforehand, I feel a tremendous pride for this series that it has went this far. So needless to say, I was as eager as the fans to devour the film.

This afternoon, my friends and I went to the cinema to watch City of Bones movie. I was sooo very excited to see how Jamie would portray Jace's characer. I never saw the trailers but I've heard his accent and it's OHHHMYGOD. Also, Magnus Bane. Godfrey Gao? The first time I saw his still as Magnus, I fell. Hard.

Ack! It still hurts to look at him. He's not how I pictured Magnus (or any of the characters). He's supposed to be fabulous, b**ch. But nonetheless, I was writhing/squealing silently on my seat when he finally appeared. ohhhhasdf@&#^!hu7^@thehotness!!!!
Three and a half years have passed since I read City of Bones and I'm glad to report that I was still able to recognize the scenes from the book. I squealed like a fangirl at the Magnus/Alec scene at the party and at almost all the others that stayed true to the book. But to those that I did not recognize and did not stay true to the book, I'm not sure if it's because my memory of CoB is already fuzzy or those are exclusive to the film. I know those things are bound to happen but still, I can't help but be disappointed. There were also some infamous Jace and Simon quotes that were uttered in scenes different from the book. :(

 As well, I'd been trying to keep myself from thinking how Jamie would do Jace until I've watched the movie. I wanted to keep my opinion of him neutral to rid bias. And now that I've watched it, I can freely criticize his acting skills. The verdict? I hate to say this but I don't think he did Jace justice. Book-Jace is sarcastic, flirty and charming. Movie-Jace is all serious. Even when he's saying flirty Jace quotes, his grim face remains. Also, Magnus Bane. You know I love him, right? I love him to pieces but Godfrey Gao did poorly in delivering the lines. Movie-Simon on the other hand did a job well done compared to Jace and Magnus. He captured Simon's humor even though there was only little of it included in the film. Lily Collins also did good as Clary. Plus, she was sooo pretty in the movie. I liked how Kevin and Jemima portrayed Alec and Isabel too! I have to say I didn't think Jemima would be a good Isabel but oh boy did she prove me wrong. She was Lara Croft. Hot and feisty just like Isabel should be.

I don't think the film lived up to the book. But had I not read the series first, I might have liked the movie so much better. My friends who haven't read the books yet certainly did. Some of the characters were a bit of disappointment but the action-packed scenes? I was literally holding my breath especially on the vampire turf scene and the Jace/Valentine face-off. I always look forward to a good CGI and breathtaking fight scenes in my films. To sum it all, I might not have liked this movie like I expected but I am still certainly awaiting City of Ashes movie. Fingers crossed that CoA will happen!


  1. Chel! I haven't read this series but I'm looking forward to seeing the movie soon since I haven't had time to go see it yet. It'll be good to get an idea of why bloggers love this series so much and know what they're talking about at least a little. Jace does seem very serious from the trailer.

    1. Z!! *glomps*

      I don't think the movie would tell you why bloggers love it so much. IMO, the movie just didn't capture the book. :(


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