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 Other Words for LoveWhat Happened to Goodbye 

And there goes my last In My Mailbox. Before I go to the Philippines, that is. Actually, this is a scheduled post and by the time this is published, I'm probably already having fun in the Philippines with my aunts and cousins. :) Mom also allowed me to bring a full box of books! No, actually, we bought 3 boxes of books. The other 2 we'll give to my cousins. Turns out, we'll stay there for at least 2 months so I need a few books to keep me company while my cousins go to school and me and my sister are left with the oldies... :( So, what did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. Have fun in Philippines! Which area are you going to? My mom is from Samar and her family still lives there though I haven't visited in a really long time.

  2. I've heard awesomeness about Other Words for Love!!

    Check out my IMM!

  3. Have fun! Love Sarah Dessen and still need to read a couple more of her books. Happy reading!


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