Cover Galore!: The 2011 Book 2 Edition (Part 1)

I was trying to shelf the upcoming book two's of the books I read last year, and noticed that most of them have really pretty covers. I haven't read the prequel of some of these, but they're just so pretty I thought I had to feature them in my Cover Galore! So here's the first part of The 2011 Book 2 Edition! I'll be posting the second part tomorrow. :)


- Lindsey Leavitt (May 3rd 2011)
- Tate Hallaway (May 3rd 2011)

- Angie Frazier (June 1st 2011)
- Janet Fox (June 2nd 2011)

- Stacey Kade (June 7th 2011)
- Tera Lynn Childs (July 1st 2011)

- Andrea Cremer (July 26th 2011)
- Kiersten White (July 26th 2011)

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  1. Love all of the pretty covers and I'm looking forward to reading most of these as well.


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