I'm new here!

Okay. Not really new. I've had this blog for months but only decided to blog now. I've been a book lover for half of my life and I thought that it was about time that I started my own blog. Why only now, you ask? The answer is at the top of this page. The part which says "The Procrastinator's Corner." Did you see it? Very good! Anyway, I did a short interview with The Procrastinator herself. If you're still interested, you may now proceed to the interview below. If not, well, you can this read later. I totally understand.

Tell us something about yourself.
I'm a girl.


That's all?
I am a procrastinator.

Yeah... I kind of figured that out what with your blog title and all. Anything else worth our time?
I love bananas.

And apples. And books. That's all.

That's all?
Didn't I just say that?

Um, okay. Thanks for your time.

So that was pretty crappy. Anyway. That's all you have to know about moi. Not that I'm trying to be mysterious I'm just living up to my blog title. Anyway, if you've actually reached to this point of this post, congratulations! You're awesome and you deserve a high-five!

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  1. Loved the interview and that high-five!

    Welcome again :)


Internet high-five for every comment!

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