Filipino Fridays 2013: Introductions/What Species of Book Reader Are You?

Filipino Friday is a one-month only meme that also serves as the countdown leading to the much anticipated 3rd Filipino ReaderCon that will be held at the Rizal Library in Ateneo de Manila University on November 9th 2013. Every Friday starting October 11th to November 8th, a topic will be posted and all Filipino readers are encouraged to make a post about it.

This week's topic is:

Introductions/What Species of Book Reader Are You?

by Laura E. Kelly
This is such a fun way to introduce yourself although I'm also having a hard time choosing my own classification since I fall under a few of them. Anyway, I just chose all that describes me.

As a Compulsive Book Cherisher:
  • The Book Preserver - I used to be an extreme Book Buster. I didn't care about books because they were only meant for reading but now, I consider them my treasure and I always want them in their most pristine condition. However, I haven't reached the level where I buy new copies in place of the damaged ones. 
  • The Book Worshipper - I always feel an overwhelming sense of self-satisfaction whenever I look at my bookshelf. In fact, most of the time when I'm alone in the house, I'll just gaze at it lovingly and ponder on the beauty of the universe brought upon by books. And since our bookshelf is placed at the living room, I keep a stack of books beside my bed for me to stare at. :)
  • The Hoarder - I think this is very closely-related to Compulsive Book Buyer since the outcome of the latter is usually the former.  
  • Compulsive Book Buyer - This is me when visiting used/bargained bookstores. Whenever I find a familiar title, I buy it immediately even though I know that I probably won't read any time soon or forever, for that matter.
As A Compulsive Book Abuser:
  • The Underliner and Scribbler - I used to be a heavy underliner and highlighter of physical books until  I became a Book Preserver but this is still true when it comes to ebooks. You should see my annotations especially on my favorite books. Practically every page has notes, highlights or bookmarks! 
  • The Re-Reader - I only have a few ultimate favorite books that I can read over and over again without getting tired of like Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia, Bloodlines and Lunar Chronicles. I discovered the first two two years ago and I still get the same fascination whenever I reread them nowadays.
  • The Promiscuous Reader - Ugh, I hate being a promiscuous reader but I can't help it! I always feel like there are so many books to read and the slow reader that I am, I get too excited with the newly released that I tend to read them all simultaneously until my currently-reading list is too long and I end up putting the others in the abandoned shelf. Those poor books. :(
As Situational:
  • The Comfort Reader - I get bored way too easily especially with slow-paced books and my go-to books are my ultimate favorite ones. (See The Re-Reader)
  • The Kindle Convert - I used to hate ebooks! I was an ebook snob, that much is true but because of NetGalley and Edelweiss, I learned to love them gradually and oh, the annotations! Those are a work of gods. Sometimes when I buy physical books and they turn out to be favorites, I buy the ebook version just so I could bookmark and highlight and add notes.

Even if you're not part of the meme, I'd still love to see what species of book reader you are! :)


  1. It's hard to fit into just one category! Aside from the Haters group, I think most bookworms have a little bit of everything! ;)

    1. True that. I was rereading the categories and saw more of myself in them!


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