The Indigo Spell FINISHED COVER!!!

*Hyperventilates* Okay. So, remember my Indigo Spell cover reveal post a couple of weeks ago? Well, that actually wasn't the final cover as explained by Richelle Mead herself. Don't ask me why they "revealed" an unfinished cover but don't get so sad now because THE FINISHED COVER IS HERE!!!

From Penguin Teen Australia
YES IT'S THE FINAL COVER! *Continues hyperventilating* Oh, and see the indigo tattoo on the left dude's cheek?? OMG it's Marcus Finch!!! But why he looks around Sydney's age is beyond me.

The Indigo Spell is expected to be released on February 12th 2012. You can also check out my review of The Golden Lily here. :3


  1. YAY, THE LILY IS THERE! :D But oh my gosh, is that really Marcus?? That's so weird! I was expecting Eddie or maybe even the one Alchemist who has a crush on Sydney, but the last person on my mind was that it would be Marcus! I really like their tattoos -- kinda makes me wish I was brave enough to get one LOL... :')

    Thanks for sharing, Chel! You're so quick on the Richelle Mead news -- you're definitely my go-to girl for that! ;) <3

  2. There are the Tattoos!! huhuuuhhu! thanks you so much my dear for sharing this! I was wondering where the hell was the tattoo and I was speculating so much! lol. XDDDD I wonder who is the dude in tha back. As Mimi says, Marcus? I was expecting Eddie too! he has so little importance in VA and I was hoping he would really be more important in BL. Sniff... Eddie!! you DESERVE better!!! and Jill too! is time that both of them take over the books!! sniff!!

  3. Im a genius!! Richelle Mead has to writen (after BL) another Spin-off from Jill's pov!! aaaaaaaaah!!!

  4. Oh hm! I wonder why they revealed the unfinished cover then, considering Photoshopping tattoos seem really easy. Thanks for the cover reveal!


    I had a feeling one of the guys was Marcus and the other Adrian. I just wasn't sure which until he tattoos were added. It looks good! Can't wait to see what Marcus has to say about the Alchemists. Hopefully he helps Sydney see how evil they are and break away from them.

  6. EEEEEEEEE! I never would have thought that the guy was Marcus! I thought he was Eddie too but now we know that he is Marcus Finch! The final cover looks even more fantastic with the tattoo!

    Thank you for sharing the finished cover with us, Chel! ♥ Absolutely can't wait for The Indigo Spell ;)

  7. I've only read The Vampire Academy, but I absolutely love the spinoff series covers! This one fits in perfectly with The Golden Lily and Bloodlines!

    I really need to finish this series!! I hear so many good things about it.

  8. This is the first I've seen of the finished cover. The other cover I saw didn't have the tattoos on there. I really like it!

  9. that book seems to be nice,where can i find it please. black magic love spells.


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