The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3) Cover Reveal!

My copy of The Golden Lily hasn't even arrived yet *sniff* and here, The Indigo Spell goodness just keep coming and coming! Look at what I saw on my feed today!

From MTV Hollywood Crush
I think it's pure gorgeous! <3 I'm guessing the girl is Sydney (of course!) and the guy on the right is Adrian (<3) but who is that mysterious dude on the left? Eddie, Trey, Keith, or Ian? But more importantly, WHERE IS SYDNEY'S TATTOO????

I just found out that this isn't the final cover of The Indigo Spell, which explains Sydney's missing tattoo and the blue eyes.


  1. Oh my gosh, I had NO IDEA that the cover of The Indigo Spell was release already -- that's so soon!!! (Not to say that I'm not happy, because I totally am!) I think that The Golden Lily will always remain my favourite, but I was thinking the exact same thing as you: WHERE IS SYDNEY'S TATTOO?? It was covered in TGL which I got, but now I'm confuuuuuuused :S

    Still, thank you SO much for sharing this with me, Chel!! I hope you get your copy of The Golden Lily soon so you can gush with me -- it's very awesome! :) <3

  2. I love how the covers all match. That wasn't really the case with Vampire Academy.

  3. To be honest, I didn't fall in love with The Vampire Academy series but even I have to admit, that's one fiiiine cover. =)))

    New follower here. :D Hi!!! It's so nice to meet Filipino book bloggers!

  4. Ohh I'm really not sure that I like this cover. I think the pose with the girl is a really bad angle, it doesn't really do her justice... Can't wait to see the final, final version of it though!


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